I am little confused about MBBS and MD degrees in Russia. One of the consultants conveyed to me that I can complete my MD in Russia in 6 years. How is it possible?

Many agents would confuse you with the nomenclature of the degree. You must understand that MD in Russia is equivalent to MBBS in India. It is only a difference in nomenclature. Medical Council of India knows that MD in Russia is a bachelor level degree program.  After returning on completion of MBBS in Russia, you … Read more

After completing the course can I do my internship from India?

Lot of confusion is there with the students regarding internship after completion of medicine program in a MCI Approved low cost medical college in Russia. The standard road map of a student is as per the following You must understand that completing internship in a MCI approved hospital on your return to India is mandatory. … Read more

Why is the first year fees almost 5 times that of annual fees in the subsequent years to study MBBS in Russia?

It is not true that the first year fees are almost 5 times in comparison to the next 5 years MBBS in Russia course. This is a very important question. Few agents in India are wrongfully charging the students very high tuition fees such as Rs. 6 Lacs and above in their first year. The … Read more

When does the academic year start in MCI approved cheaper MBBS Universities of Russia?

Generally, the MCI approved medical colleges in Russia start in September every year. It means, ideally, the Indian students should complete their application process with MOKH by 30th June. It takes round 6- 8 weeks to get the invitation letter. The invitation letter is issued after the admission confirmation letter. Moksh Overseas Education ConsultantsHonest Counselling, … Read more

What is the process of Admission to study MBBS in Russia?

The process is divided into 5 steps as below. However you must understand that you should not pay to the agents any advance money. Only application fees of USD 285 is required to be paid to reserve the seat. It is suggested that you must ask for the seat confirmation letter before you give any … Read more