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NEET 2017: The study sessions should include a good mix of theory, problem solving and revising all the questions which have appeared in the last 5 years board paper


The high school medical aspirants have to deal with conflict of priorities at this juncture. Besides appearing for the board exams,  as well as continue to maintain momentum with regard to NEET preparation. At the outset, the conflicting priorities might seem overwhelming but with assiduous planning and execution discipline the students can do well in both the exams.

The students should approach the board exam with the mindset that it is going to complement the NEET exam preparation. The focus of this article is to provide invaluable guidance on how to plan the effort  with the dual objective of achieving success in both the board exam and the NEET exam.

Board exam preparation plan

Given that the board exam has or will be commencing, the students need to move from concept based learning to a form of learning which will maximise their performance in board exam. Having identified their strengths and weaknesses during the weeks preceding the board exams, it is an opportune moment for the students to iron out their weaknesses during the last leg of board exam preparation.

Based on the board exam schedule published, for majority of the boards, a student can expect a gap ranging from five to 10 days between the exams for all the core subjects. During the intervening period of 5 to 10 days between exams for the core subjects, the first two days needs to be spent on strengthening all the weak areas.

During the remaining period, an end-to-end  complete revision of all the topics needs to be done. Except for the day prior to the exam, one should be willing to put in a lot of concerted effort on a daily basis. The students should ensure that they have sufficient breaks between study sessions so that the mind does not get fatigued.

The study  sessions should include a good mix of theory, problem solving and revising all the questions which have appeared in the last 5 years board paper.

The problem solving study sessions will help the student to sustain the NEET preparation especially in Physics and Chemistry. On the day prior to the exam, the student should make sure that the mind is stress free. Popular stress busters like listening to music, watching ones favourite channel on TV will have a calming influence on the mind. Study sessions should be restricted to a maximum of three hours on the day prior to the exam. One should make sure to get a good night sleep, atleast 8 hours the night before the exam.

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