Is it better to take admission in another country than to drop another year for medical entrance exam? (I want to do MBBS)?

MBBS abroadIn my personal opinion .. I would like you to answer few questions ahead ..
1. Are you ready to struggle one more year with the same books (books can be changed but syllabus remains same) ?
2. Are you strong enough to ignore all those comments and suggestions from relatives and peers when they will know you are dropping a year ?
3. Are you able to manage that frustration which may occupy your mind if u don’t score well in mock tests and would u still be able to work harder than you did earlier ?
4. Are you really willing to serve people and not just doing MBBS for reputation or money or family pressure sometimes ?
5. And it may feel weird but … would you be able to digest the results after the drop even if they don’t satisfy your expected score ?
6. Are you able to pay large amount in private medical colleges?
If answer to all these questions are yes then yes you should take a drop.

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