Advantage of Study in USA over study in Australia

You can definitely take an admission in Australia but a public university in USA would be a much better choice for you since : – they cost half of Australian universities – Living cost in USA is slightly lesser than Australia – Much higher racism problems being faced in Australia specially for Indians – Employment … Read more

MBBS options for the students who passed 12th in more than 1 attempt

If you have not passed 12th in your first attempt, we would advice not to try hard for Indian MBBS seat since its really either too difficult or very expensive. I would advice you to take low risk MBBS programs abroad such as MBBS in Kyrgyzstan (wherein MCI screening Test coaching is a part of … Read more

MBBS in India vs MBBS Abroad

Indian MBBS Scenario! There are lots of students dreams to become a doctor. They dream to get an admission in good Government medical College. But the real scenario is different. It is not easy to get an admission to Government MBBS course. In 2013, the cut-off for admission to Government college was 98.3% means only … Read more