How many times am I eligible to appear for FMGE / MCI Screening Test in India?

You can appear for MCI screening Test or FMGE for unlimited attempts. There is no limit set for the same by MCI. However, remember that till you do not clear FMGE, you would not be eligible to take up the internship in India. And without a year of internship in India, you simply cannot get … Read more

How to study MBBS in USA or UK?

The system to study MBBS in USA and to study MBBS in UK are completely different. At least UK system has some similarities as per PLAB standards but MBBS in USA, the system developed by USMLE – 1/2/3 is absolutely different. The students passing MBBS in India also do not find it easy to give … Read more

Advantage of Study in USA over study in Australia

You can definitely take an admission in Australia but a public university in USA would be a much better choice for you since : – they cost half of Australian universities – Living cost in USA is slightly lesser than Australia – Much higher racism problems being faced in Australia specially for Indians – Employment … Read more

What are the best countries for doing MBBS (in terms of recognition & affordability)

There are many options at the moment for MBBS abroad such as China, Russia, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Azerbaijan, Philippines etc. Its not an easy task to explain you the comparison so easily since every country has pros and cons. Different students choose different conditions suitable to them. There are different factors needs to check before … Read more