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Blessed are the compulsive travelers. Swami Vivekananda has said that the sole purpose of human existence is knowledge. And the most significant source of pragmatic knowledge is traveling. Take a deep breath and take off!

Through this perpetual Youth Travel Trends blog, I intend to highlight some unbelievable constituents that make a Moksh Youth Travel Program breathtakingly memorable. Today, I take up the concept of Home Stay.

Let’s check out an inevitable outcome of tourism. On a vacation to a tourist spot, where do you stay? You check in to a Hotel. Do you get up close and personal with the natives? Do you get to see how a nice, well-educated family lives its routine life in that country? Do you get a chance to immerse yourself in the new culture? No sirie!

Moksh Youth Travel Association has professional agreement with some wonderful families in the destination countries. These families are invariably educated, well to do families that welcome you straight in to their household. This fruitful arrangement is termed ‘Home Stay’.

You check in to a Hotel and stay there just to wash up or sleep away. From the first hour of your Home Stay of educational travel, you begin to imbibe the culture subconsciously.

In Home Stay, you live with a native family that has hosted numerous visitors of Moksh Youth Travel Programs earlier. These families understand the soul of the Program and they make sure that you take home as much of their lifestyle as possible.

How do you plan your spot visits? With the help of Tour guides, online or otherwise, right? Imagine an educated group of natives belonging to the host family explain the intricacies of these spots to you. How in depth would that analysis be?

Then, you participate in their culinary endeavors. Today, every recipe is accessible online. But, can that be compared with actually cooking a native delicacy with the lady of the home, cooking for you and her kids?

I keep saying that only that traveling is of essence where you do not only scout around looking for unusual things. A real feeling of a place may be had only when you see the local life, understand the local language and face the realities the natives face each day. A Home Stay, therefore, makes it fulfilling.

Talking of local languages, we at Moksh make sure that our youth get substantial exposure during educational traveling. Learning the grammatical rules governing a language will never help you speak the language. When you use the language regularly, you learn it.

Our purpose of ingraining Home Stay in Moksh Youth Travel Programs is to give you this genuine exposure. The host families make sure that you use the local language in daily course of living and trust me, there is no better way to retain a language.

Then, you have the golden opportunity of interacting with the youth in the family. The youth is best disposed to give you an insight in to fashion trends, body language, tattoos etc. As you know, accessing the native youth during tourism is next to impossible. Youth do not open up so easily. A Home Stay drastically changes the equation.

Sit back and contemplate. Is there any comparison between a customary Hotel stay and a Home Stay? There is none!

Get in touch with us at Moksh today and feel the entire world spread itself at your feet. Traveling is a panacea for all ignorance. Traveling with Moksh is the right way of doing it.

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